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foundation house

Show your colours

Why for God's sake is a foundation with a cause affecting the whole world established at the end of the world?

basic inheritance

Total basic inheritance

Christoph Prüm met Prof Guy Kisch in his hometown and talked to him about his proposal for a 100 % inheritance tax and about the basic inheritance.

basic inheritance

Taming capitalism

It could become paradisiacal - if capitalism would be fair and include everyone.

basic inheritance

Child Trust Fund

The Child Trust Fund in Great Britain is the first implemented approach being very close to the idea of ​​basic inheritance. Unfortunately, it was politically unsustainable due to poor financing.

basic inheritance

Democracy next step

We urgently need an expanded concept of democracy.


Hambach Festival 2013

Building on a liberal milestone. We were there.

basic inheritance

Thomas Paine - bold pioneer of basic inheritance

"In advocating the case of the persons thus dispossessed, it is a right, and not a charity, that I am pleading for" (Agrarian Justice, 1897).

basic inheritance

Basic income or basic inheritance?

Which of them is more right? Or: Why should we make the demands of beggars?

basic inheritance

The Stakeholder Society

We present two books being very close to the proposal of the basic inheritance and show how they nonetheless betray the central idea.

basic inheritance

On to a real participatory culture!

Doesn't our educational mentality fall far short? Isn't self-determined creation of the world the real goal, the greatest joy and the greatest duty of the human as the "crown of creation"?