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On to a real participatory culture!


Who has drawn the path you are going?

In what kind of attitude towards our own economic life are we going to be educated? At best, for a good and well-paid job. Learn something, then you will become somebody! Then you will have a secure regular income, then you will be appreciated and then you can buy everything or at least many things.

Career is the magic word. When you climb the career ladder, parents and grandma and grandpa are looking forward. But who is setting up the ladder? Who is defining the rungs? Where does it lead to?
The entire society, from parents to university, from teachers to vocational schools, almost exclusively trains young people as service providers for the economy. But what is the economy? What is its intention? Where is it going? And above all, who is the economy, who does business? Who's undertaking? Who uses the services rendered and what for?

Lifelong learning ability is the modern educational and training goal. Lifelong adaptability to changing circumstances and requirements. That sounds good, but who changes circumstances, who demands them?

Doesn't our educational mentality fall far short? Isn't self-determined design of the world the real goal, the greatest joy and the greatest duty of man as the "crown of creation"?
So the central question is: Who designs the world? And then: Who educates to design?

Politics can only shape things to a very limited extent, it often has very little room for manoeuvre. Especially as long as the focus of most people is on their monthly income, politics is tied to the tail of those who enable or should enable the voters their income.
In the end, only the owners are the truly autonomous creators of our republic; directly or indirectly they make the fundamental decisions. They decide how to do the business and what will be done and how. They change circumstances and they request people or workers or replace them with machines. The owners in this country define the career ladders and set them up – usually where they want to change the world according to their ideas and their benefits. 
Therefore, the question who educates to shape the world today is: Who educates to property?
Doesn't the whole nation have to change its attitude? Don't the careerists and consumers increasingly have to become designers, self-confident, self-designing and self-responsible owners instead of being evaluated and guided wage-earners who are seeking for rewards?
The growth of a person happens through personal experience, not through memorization. His/her "attitude" develops through his/her own experience, not through schooling. The goal must be to introduce people to their own experience. In the economic field, this means acquainting oneself with one's own companies and property, because undertaking things and manage ownership means shaping: to shape your environment, to shape your country and by doing this to shape yourself.

A general right to a basic inheritance that gives every citizen a fair chance of capital upon entering adulthood would be a massive call for economic self-empowerment. It would initiate this learning process "to oneself" on a large scale and across the entire population.

Just for fun:

...and the people in the houses, all went to university, and they all got put in boxes, and they all came out the same...

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