That's how we implement it

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The foundation will take the initiative.

  • In the upcoming years, it will distribute up to 40 basic inheritances at 20,000 € each per year.
  • The recipients are selected by lot among young adults throughout Germany.
  • Anyone who turns 30 years old has a real chance of receiving one of the first basic inheritances in the next few years.
  • If the project goes well, there is a chance that other donors will join which will increase the informative value of the project performance.


Our schedule on the way to a legal basic inheritance:

The preparatory phase

when? now

We get in place, financially and personnel-wise:

  • We clarify and define the modalities of the draw and the distribution.
  • We organise the operating resources.
  • We renovate the foundation's building stock.

We will need a scientific board to implement our pilot project. Furthermore, we will need a permanently staffed office.

The distribution phase

from mid-2021

The payout of the first basic inheritance is expected to begin in mid-2021. The funds required for this originate from a company participation pledged to the foundation by a donor for this purpose. From these funds, up to 40 basic inheritances amounting to 20,000 € can be spent in the next years.

The evaluation and publicity phase

as of 2024

After a few years of the basic inheritance in practice, the first conclusions can be drawn about its feasibility and its effects on people. The ramifications of the basic inheritance on all areas of society can then be realistically estimated and extrapolated. Then, at the end, it will be possible to make scientifically founded proposals and to offer options for actions to politicians.