Our survey was uncomplicated. It consisted essentially of a single question:

  • Suppose this state or society gives every (young) adult a starting capital for his or her life in the amount of 20,000 € - What would you do with your "basic inheritance"?

Christoph and Kathrin started the survey on 06.09.2015 at the parking lot of the Eremitage in Bayreuth. It was continued by Martina, Sebastian, Markus...

The answers were serious throughout. One can assume that in an actual case the respondents would proceed in exactly the same way with their basic inheritance, namely seriously.


Top 1

31% - Own house or apartment

Own stove still seems to be worth its weight in gold. This is especially true for families. The basic heritage can be understood as a support of young families. It will help to save us from overaging.

Top 2

22% - invest money

It was striking that the potential investors were hardly interested in exactly what the bank would do with their invested money. However, most were also surprised by the question. Anyone who knows in the long term that he will receive a basic inheritance is more likely to have his own investment plan when it comes.

Top 3

14% - start up an own business

The answers in this group came very spontaneously. Here there are concrete plans, often only some own capital is missing, in order to create an enterprise. A small selection: Open a restaurant; set up a photo studio; open a studio for art education; buy a forest; set up a carpentry shop; buy a marimba (musician)...

Top 4

11% - financing education

As many of the respondents were already older, this group may be under-represented. We have also included the answers, which should enable the children to get an education with a basic inheritance.

Top 5

9% - donations

Apparently there are still some people who can live happily with their income. And who can look beyond their own personal horizons at the same time. How fortunate for the country!

Findings from the survey:

The desire for substantial participation in the country's assets is great.

Over 50% of respondents (answers 1 and 2: "house" and "invest money") aim for solid assets. The future entrepreneurs (answer 3: "Starting a business") are already filtered out. Ownership is also desired if one does not want to appear as an entrepreneur. Why? Because it frees.

Young entrepreneurs are ready and waiting for a capital opportunity.

Projected on Germany there would be according to this inquiry in each vintage over 100.000 young humans, who wait for some starting capital to start an enterprise. In the 10 years 25-35 old, for example, there would currently be over one million future entrepreneurs being slowed down. Can we afford it? And do we want to afford it?

The basic inheritance will not be wasted.

The fear that large parts of the basic heritage would be uselessly consumed is unfounded. Only 6% of respondents initially gave a consumer-oriented response. They willingly corrected it after it was pointed out that the basic heritage had to be laid out firmly for 3 years.